About The Snake Pass Inn

"The Name" The Snake Inn gets its name from the family emblem of the Duke of Devonshire, a snake in the form of a knot. "The Snake" emblem over the main door of the inn was removed in 1923. The current name of the Snake Pass Inn dates from around 2003, though most people still refer to it by its original correct name.

Snake Pass Inn History - From "The Story of the Snake Road & Sheffield to Glossop Turnpike trail" by Howard Smith"

When first built, the inn was known as Lady Clough House owing to its site on the easy flank of the Clough. As it was owned by the Duke of Devonshire whose family emblem of the coiled serpent was inscribed above the doorway, (it is no longer there), the hostelry quickly became known as the Snake Inn. It was a vital staging post on the turnpike, halfway between Glossop and Ashopton so that tired horses could be changed and rested.

Christopher Reid photo.jpg

Christopher Reid AKA: Chris

General Manager
Born and raised in Edale, Derbyshire and "growing up" in a family run guest house was the perfect introduction to the hospitality industry. At the age of 14 I started working as a pot washer in my local pub and after working my way through the ranks I ran the business for 3 years and in doing so won the company "Pub of the Year" Award for 2012. For the last 2 years I have been general manager at The Snake Pass Inn and am on a mission to build the only place to be seen in the peak district. As GM I look after the paperwork side of things, but can also be found anywhere from the bar to the kitchen, on the roof or in the cellar as well as overseeing my little team - speaking of which let me introduce them to you. Without these guys and gals it certainly wouldn't have been possible to evolve so substantially!

Dreadlock Dave AKA: Dreadlock Dave

Assistant Manager
Not the most stereotypical South Yorkshire lad, Dave has been part of our little team for the past two years. Growing up around Sheffield and Derbyshire he loves both city and country life alike. After studying mechanical engineering, Dave has returned to the trade he has spent more than half his life working in, starting in Edale at the age of 14. Over the last 15 years he has worked in all areas a pub has to offer. Dave has a keen interest in travelling, music and pretty much anything with wheels and a bit of power so you are sure for a varied chat across the bar......oh and before anyone asks......He's been growing them for 16 years, yes they are real and no he's not cutting them anytime soon.

Michael Cooper AKA: Coops

Bossman's Dogsbody
Born into a Mancunian family with hospitality in their veins, I started working in the industry as a glass collector at the age of 16 in my local pub. Graduating to working behind the bar at 18, I've not looked back since! Having worked around England including South Manchester, Devon, Cornwall, the Lake District and Edale, I've now settled here at the Snake Pass Inn. As Dogsbody, I do whatever is needed, whether that's in the bar, kitchen or rooms. My main tasks are making sure everything is running smoothly and most importantly, keeping everyone happy!

William AKA: Bill

Kitchen Manager
After 33 years working as a chef, Billy came to join our team early 2015 and has been the driving force to developing our food offer here at The Snake Pass Inn. If you have any queries about our menu you can drop him an email anytime billy@thesnakepassinn.co.uk