About The Snake Pass Inn

"The Name" The Snake Inn gets its name from the family emblem of the Duke of Devonshire, a snake in the form of a knot. "The Snake" emblem over the main door of the inn was removed in 1923. The current name of the Snake Pass Inn dates from around 2003, though most people still refer to it by its original correct name.

Snake Pass Inn History - From "The Story of the Snake Road & Sheffield to Glossop Turnpike trail" by Howard Smith"

When first built, the inn was known as Lady Clough House owing to its site on the easy flank of the Clough. As it was owned by the Duke of Devonshire whose family emblem of the coiled serpent was inscribed above the doorway, (it is no longer there), the hostelry quickly became known as the Snake Inn. It was a vital staging post on the turnpike, halfway between Glossop and Ashopton so that tired horses could be changed and rested.